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Double Stripe Mahogany iPod Touch Case

Image of Double Stripe Mahogany iPod Touch Case


The captivating warmness of the mahogany will entice people to reach out and feel it. The rounded edges will provide a soft and silky feel as it easily fits in your grasp. Experience the quality craftsmanship of a single piece of mahogany that's been mortised for a great fit for your Apple iPod Touch.

This is a single piece of mahogany that has been carefully hollowed and smoothed for a nice fit your your iPod Touch. Hand worked with chisels and files for the best fit, this is a very durable case that will protect your iPod in spades!

A nice, tight sliding dovetail cover makes sure your iPod stays in place. Retro, yet classic, double cedar inlays gives a highlight without overpowering the natural beauty of the wood. The stripes wrap around the front to both sides (but not the back).

Why not have a unique conversation piece for your iPod that is also extremely practical, durable, and beautiful? This is ready to throw in your backpack, briefcase or purse. The design keeps the iPod safe from accidental spills when you are at the coffeehouse.

This sustainable grown mahogany case has a straight grain and a reddish-brown color which darkens over time, and displays a beautiful reddish sheen when polished. Go green by buying brown -- brown wood versus wrapping your iPod in harsh plastic.

It has rounded edges for a sleeker feel. Due to the denseness of the wood, just two coats of danish oil and three coats of hand rubbed paste wax was used for the finish.