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Sleek Mahogany iPod Stand (with USB cable)

Image of Sleek Mahogany iPod Stand (with USB cable)


You have a nice iPod but you just throw it on your desk? Why not give it a proper place that's stylish and elegant!

This iPod stand will be custom fitted for whatever type of iPod you have -- iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Classic or iPod Nano. It features a slot to rest the device at a slight angle for your viewing pleasure. Its made from recycled mahogany and has a Danish Oil and three coats of hand-rubbed carnauba wax for the finish.

If you're like me, I have trouble keeping the cable for the iPod nearby -- it keeps on slipping off the desk and to the floor. This stand is heavy enough to stand its ground and features a cord slot underneath for your charging or USB cable.

This sleek mahogany stand even comes with an iPod compatible USB cable! Its not an official Apple cable though -- that costs more than what I'm selling this hand-crafted piece of workmanship.